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Falstaff has released the first Falstaff Winery Guide on May 29, 2015
in which the top 500 wine taverns, wine tavern restaurants and taverns
were taken from all over Austria.

For this reason, we are glad that our Leo Wieninger equal to

Heurigenwirt of 2015

was elected with 94 out of 100 points we reached 2nd place in the overall standings Austria.

2016, we achieved 95 out of 100 points and thus secured us No. 1 overall in Austria!

We remain always tried to get our service and quality upright, so we continue to include in the following years at the best Heurigen.

weekly menu

We do not offer just typical wine-tavern-food, we also have an extensive á la carte offer.

For our detailed food and beverage offer, please have a look here.

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FOTO: Speise- & Weinkarte (21.06.2017)

MELDUNG: Unser Schmankerl-Menü vom 22.6 - 25.6.2017 Eierschwammerlsulz mit Kernöl und rote Zwiebel € 9,80 Unsere Aperitifempfehlung Frizzante Knusprige Mozzarella-Spinat-Tascherl auf Paradeiserspiegel € 9,80 Unsere Weinempfehlung Wiener Gemischter Satz DAC 2016 Gebratene Lachsforelle auf Grammel-Mangold und Heurigenerdäpfel € 18,20 Unsere Weinempfehlung Nussberg Grüner Veltliner 2016 Topfennockerl mit Kirschragout und Mango-Honig-Espuma € 6,90 Unsere Weinempfehlung Beerenauslese Bisamberg 2015 Genießen Sie unsere Schmankerln als 4-Gang-Menü € 39,90 4-Gang-Menü mit Weinbegleitung jeweils 0,1l (Dessertwein 1/16) € 54,60 (21.06.2017)