Food and Beverages

In addition to our rich buffet, we also offer á la carte dishes in combination with our wine-selection.

weekly menu

from may 25th until may 28th 


Colourful salad of tomatoes and asparagus
with raw ham

€ 10,80
Wine recommendation Chardonnay Classic 2016

Iced soup of cucumber and coriander
with crispy sheep-cheese croutons

€ 4,90
Wine recommendation Gelber Muskateller Bisamberg 2016

Filet of turbot with melted goose liver
and creamy truffle leaks

€ 22,60
Wine recommendation Nussberg Riesling 2015

Strawberries with mascarpone cream
and lady fingers

€ 5,20
Wine recommendation Beerenauslese Bisamberg 2015

4 course menu
€ 38,50

4 course menu
with wine recommendation (1dl)
€ 53,50